Top 10 Best Bloom Booster Next To An Led Grow Light

A great way to produce bigger and better blooms is to use a bloom booster next to an LED grow light. Bloom boosters help promote flowering and fruiting by providing the plants with the nutrients they need to produce more flowers and fruits. Using a bloom booster next to an LED grow light will help the plants to get the most light possible, which will result in bigger and better blooms.

There are a lot of different products on the market, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together a Top 10 list of Best Bloom Booster Next To An Led Grow Light

List of 10 Best Bloom Booster Next To An Led Grow Light

SaleBestseller No. 1
G8LED 90 Watt RED Flower Booster LED Grow Light
  • Increase the flowering size and density by adding a G8LED 90W Flower Booster to any grow flowering room as supplemental lighting. Made with 90 x 1W dense network of diodes with an output power of 80W.
  • Increase the return on investment of the grow by adding a G8LED Flower Booster. Each Flower Booster provides 770μMol/m2/s of PAR at 12 inches to the plants! Formulated with Red and Far-red wavelengths, the Flower Booster is used with any LED, CFL, Metal Halide or HPS lights to increase flowering.
  • Add one Flower Booster per 8-10 square feet of grow area during the flowering phase to increase yield. The plants will respond with increased flowering within 1 week.
  • Expert Guide Top Pick. Wiki Top Ten #1 LED Grow Light.
Bestseller No. 2
SZABEST UV1000 Bloom Light LED Grow Light with UV RED and IR for Bloom and Harvest Replace for HPS Hydro 1000W (Infrared Include)Plant Greenhouse Indoor high Yield Grow Light for Hydroponic Growers
  • 【Supplemental UV Far Red Bloom Flower】:The growing lamp is equipped with UV RED IR, gives off peak wavelength plants most need for Bloom and Harvest stage, especially suit as a supplement led grow light
  • 【Draw Power 30W】: Comparable to traditional HPS/MH while consuming only 30W, save your electricity bill, could replace for 1000 Watt HID or HPS LED Grow Light. This grow light bar is scientifically designed to balance high PAR output with ideal coverage. Adopted the latest SMD LED technology to provide high PAR output, perfect for 2x2ft flowering coverage
  • 【Plug and Play】: With US Plug, and worldwide working voltage, it's a easy going led grow light. Upgraded hanging-kit makes it much easy to assemble; growing system can be built in perfect sturdy without extra tools. It's easy to hang the growing light panel about 8-15 inch (Recommend height) from the top of the plant for different coverage.
  • 【Patent Designed Housing】 : All aluminum heat sink to ensure the best heat dissipation and increase LED life. The led board surface is sealed with glue which makes it waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. This led grow light bar suit could easy hanging or add to bolding grow lights too.
  • 【UV RED IR is useful in Flowering Stage】Although we can’t see UV and IR , those spectrum are very useful to most indoor plants. The plant protein phytochrome absorbs red, far-red and infrared wavelengths; this protein is responsible for regulating flowering. Most led grow lights just including several pcs IR, that’s not enough for indoor plant growing, so this is a very good choice to use as a supplemental led grow light.
Bestseller No. 3
EnjoYield DIY-60 Bloom Booster LED Grow Light, Dimmable Red & UV Grow Lights for Flowering, Supplemental Grow Lights Bar for Indoor Plants 2x3 2x4FT
  • FLOWER BOOSTER: EnjoYield DIY-60 led grow light bar actual power draws 60W. It can be combined in our DIY series grow lights or use as supplemental bloom lighting for any grow room.
  • BLOOM SPECTRUM: Working 2x3 to 2x4ft, add one flower booster per 6-8 square feet of growing area to increase yield, help plants form nutrients, inhibit leggy, promote and regulate plant flowering.
  • DUAL DIMMER: DIY-60 Bloom Booster Light includes 660nm Red and 390nm UV two channels, both 0-100% dimmable, easily meets the growth needs of indoor plants at different stages.
  • POWER DAISY-CHAIN: Built-in driver and pre-wired cables, just connect the power cord to plug in, or daisy-chain with our DIY grow light bar. Includes hardware for easy hanging and adjustment.
  • HASSLE FREE AFTER-SALE: Innovative single light bar with independent power supply design, greatly reduces the after-sale risk of whole light, and can also be easily customized or upgraded.
SaleBestseller No. 4
BLOOM PLUS LED Grow Light BP 3000W 4X4ft Coverage LED Grow Light Use with 1174packs Samsung Diodes(Includes IR) Dimmable Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower
  • LOWER COSTS & HIGHER-QUALITY YIELDS---Using the Newest high-yield LED technology-1174 pcs Samsung 2835 diodes. So BP3000 LED Grow Lights achieves a high energy efficiency of 2.7 umol/J and improves the light transmittance. The LED Growing Light consumes only 300W of power, which is 50% less than the operating power of other 600W HID/Blurple/HPS lamps, while help gets 50% higher yield harvest. The maximum output is 2.5g/w. Veg Coverage: 5 x 5 ft, Flower: 4 x 4 ft.
  • OPTIMAL FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHTING---The Full Spectrum led grow lamp can provide everything the plants need under light at all stages. The powerful blue light makes the plants grow faster, and IR light is particularly useful during flowering, it can accelerate bloom time and increase yield, fill the flowers with space and obtain an amazing harvest. This can not only reduce buds but also increase yield while saving energy and costs.
  • WORKING SILENTLY & RELIABLY---A fanless design is used to provide you with a silent growth life. Using high-quality Samsung LED chips and reliable drivers, the light is also made of the LED board is passively cooled by a large-area thick aluminum heat sink. The fast-dissipating aluminum material reduces the light lost in walkways and walls, increasing the light intensity by 20%, allowing your plants to get more energy without burning the plants for maximum space.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN---Plant Grow Lights have a dimmable driver on the back, you can remove the rubber plug and adjust it with a 3mm Phillips screwdriver (adjustment range: 1.5-3.0A). Designed for indoor growers, the BP3000 full spectrum LED grow lights aim to help individual indoor growers and greenhouse growers to obtain higher yield and better quality within the budget.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED---The Bloom Plus LED series offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a trusted 3 years warranty. Professional U.S. local after-sales service provides you with the most convenient shopping experience. If any questions, please feel free to contact us with email.
Bestseller No. 5
ABI 12W Deep Red 660nm LED Bloom Booster Grow Light Bulb for Flowering and Spectrum Enhancement
  • Supplement, correct, or enhance an LED grow environment with 12W of 660nm red light, Promotes flowering, bloom and bud growth
  • Pulls a true 12W of power at the wall
  • 50,000+ hour service life, 3 year manufacturer's warranty, assembled in the USA
  • Fits a standard household E26 socket, 100-240V AC input
  • LEDs: 12pcs 660nm Deep Red, Drive current: 420mA 12x2W Class, Beam Angle: 30-degree
Bestseller No. 6
EnjoYield DIY-60 Flower Booster LED Grow Light, Dimmable Red & UV Bloom Light, Supplemental Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Flowering
  • FLOWER BOOSTER: EnjoYield DIY-60 plant grow light actual power draws 60w, optimal flower coverage is 2x3 ft. It can be used in combination in our DIY series grow lights, or use it with any other type of grow lights.
  • BLOOM SPECTRUM: DIY-60 Bloom grow light consist of 660nm Red and 390nm UVA light, which can help plants form nutrients, inhibit leggy, promote and regulate plant flowering.
  • DUAL DIMMING: Bloom/UV light for plants are both 0-100% dimmable, which easily meets the needs of indoor plants at different stages of growth, use it to get 30-50% higher yield.
  • POWER DAISY-CHAIN: DIY-60 indoor plant light is pre-wired with male and female cables, you can directly plug it with the power cord, or connect it with other DIY grow lights bar.
  • NOTE: We have upgared this bloom light bar from external power adapter to built-in driver, power cord included. Just connect the light and plug in, it can be also daisyed to other DIY grow lights.
Bestseller No. 7
FGI Far Red LED Grow Light Set. Supplimental 700-760nm Exteneded Spectrum. Emerson Effect and Additional PAR Booster.
  • Two unit set of our 730NM Far Red PAR Booster LED Grow Light
  • Supplemental Red LED Grow Light Increases Photosynthetic Light On Canopy
  • 47.5" Long Covers a 2'x4'. Two are recommended per 4'x4' In Flower.
  • 30 Watts Wall Draw, Boost PPFD 150 umols @ 12" using about 5% of the energy of a full spectrum LED
  • Can be used to produce Emerson Effect
Bestseller No. 8
3000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Booster Switch with Rope Full Spectrum LED Plant Growing Lamps Growing Light Fixtures (AP3300 576 LEDs w/ Bloom Switch)
  • 【SUNPLUS FULL SPECTRUM】: we use Purple(25%Blue)+ Lime as seedling and VEG spectrum (B:GY:R:FR=16%:24%:50%:8%). It get more blue and green spectrum than old version .Blue light can make plants roots and diameters stronger, Green light can penetrate the top green leaves to reach the germination of the branches, allowing the plants to have more branches, and more buds in the future. When Flower Booster Switch ON, add Purple(2.5%Blue) into the spectrum
  • 【High PPF efficiency Design】: We used 384 SMD LEDs , we driver them with only 320W , and SMD LEDs is no lens cover (lens cover will reduce 15% light ). And also we use lens level glass: 92% pass rate of tempered glass. Total PPF efficiency reach 1.9µmol/J even our spectrum get more red light than CMH(B:GY:R:FR=17%:42%:34%:5%), CMH is only 1.6µmol/J.
  • 【FOOTPRINT】 : In veg stage , 4X4ft just need 2pcs this lights , hanging 20in from the plant. In Flower stage, 4X4ft need 2pcs this lights , hanging 20in from the plant, and the harvest will very cost to best 1000W HPS. It must be noted that if you want to get a good harvest, try to keep your grow room at a temperature between 68°F and 86°F , especially in winter, because the heat of LED light is low.
  • 【MOST SAFE LIGHTS】:With many years of experience in LED power supply development, we know that the control device is in a low temperature and moisture proof state. It is a guarantee for stable and long life of the LED power supply, and it is also a guarantee to avoid fire when the power supply fails. Aluminum shell filling thermal adhesive is our standard for plant lamp power supply, which can meet the requirements of high humidity, high safety requirements and long working time.
  • 【BEST SERVICE】:We are a professional LED light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. 3 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with completely satisfing reply.
Bestseller No. 9
BLOOMSPECT Upgraded 1000W LED Grow Lights with Veg & RED & Bloom 3 Modes, Daisy Chain, Double Chips Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (100pcs 10 Watt LEDs)
  • New upgraded with 3 modes(VEG/RED and BLOOM) available, different mode can perfectly match plants needs in different growth stages.
  • B1000 only consumes 180W±3%, the electricity of 0.18kW·h per hour to save more money than HPS/MH lamp; Perfect for 3.0x3.0ft grow area while 2.5x2.5ft flower area.
  • Well balanced spectrum of blue, red and white emitting from upgraded 10 watt double-chips LEDs make more efficient and better higher yields.
  • Multiple vent-holes, large aluminum heat sinks and bass high speed cooling fan are contributed to first-rate heat dissipation.
  • 2 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee. To obtain warranty service timely, please contact us via Amazon Messages.
Bestseller No. 10
SPIDER FARMER SF-600 LED Grow Light 2x4 ft Coverage Sunlike Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Seeding Veg Flower Energy Saving & High Efficiency Grow Lights 384 Diodes
  • Hight Light Output - Spider Farmer SF600 grow lamp uses OSRAM diodes with 384 LEDs and 5000 lumens output. Only a power draw of 72 watts, lower energy consumption and less electricity bill than fluorescent T5 bulbs. The reflectors do increase the focus of your lights, improve the light efficiency, luminous flux and light concentration. Switching to SF600 will give you twice the harvest per dollar spent on electricity!
  • Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Light - With 120°beam angle. Plant grow light can emit broadband full spectrum light , 660-665nm(RED),730-740nm(IR), 2800K-3000K (WARM-WHITE), 4800-5000K(BLUE), has a significant impact on plant germination, flowering, fruiting, chlorophyll synthesis of plants, and photosynthesis.
  • Longer Lifespan - High quality diodes emit very little heat. The LEDs are coated with anti-moisture and anti-vulcanization, last up to 50,000 hours lifespan.
  • Lightweight Design&Easy Installation - Plug and play. Simply install into the sockets-no need to change the ballast or fix with any lamp fixture. Slim design and cool operation make it a top choice for applications with limited space such as closet, shelf, or countertop growing. Grow anywhere with this light!
  • 3-Year Warranty - We provides 3 years of after-service of local maintenance center(US/CA/UK/DE). Make sure you purchase the authentic Spider Farmer grow lights, really can give you need from a high-quality grow lights – at a price that is affordable. Feel free to email us if any questions. Quality backed by our ironclad!!!
Bestseller No. 11
Growstar Newest LZB1000 Led Grow Light with Full Spectrum Wavelength, High ppfd and IR Grow Lamp for 2x2ft Indoor Hydroponic Greenhouse Seeding Veg and Bloom(Power Draw 110w)
  • Sunlight Full Spectrum Grow Light: Our led grow light contains that warm white light(3000k) leds + day light(5000k) leds + red light(660nm) leds + IR light(730nm) leds which is most effecive spectral ratio that plants mainly absorb, and providing similar to sunlight more highly uniform light for plants. Ideal for all growth stages.
  • High Efficiency Energy Saving Plant Light: Our LZB1000 led grow light consuming only 110 watts true output with 222 pcs leds, which replaced traditional 1000w. This led light increases yield while decreasing costs.
  • Higher Ppfd Value: LZB1000 grow light’s Diodes offering a high efficacy rating of ppf per Joule (2.7 umol/J @ 110v ac) and light output ppfd value is 820±5 umol/s. It can effectively promote plant germination and flowering, increase plant growth speed, make flowers bigger and more vivid, produce more leaves and crops.
  • Two Unique Functions: No fan noise free and waterproof function. Our LZB1000 is equippede with 3mm pcb board and thick aluminum. Even without a fan, it has good heat dissipation and a longer service life. And our light board adopts a sealing technology gluing process on chips board to avoid moisture and extend lifespan, so the whole plant growth is waterproof (level: Ip65). No need to worry about the humid planting environment to damage the plants lamp.
  • Coverage Area & Warranty: Plug and Play. No installation required. It is perfect for 2.5’x2.5’ vegetative coverage at 18”and 2’x2’ flowering coverage at 14". We offer worry-free 3-years warranty and professional guidance to help you and your plants grow better.
Bestseller No. 12
Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, VIPARSPECTRA Latest Upgraded XS1500 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes (IR Included) & MeanWell Driver, Dimmable Kind LED Grow Light Veg Bloom 360PCS LEDs
  • TOP PERFORMANCE & HIGHER QUALITY YIELDS:VIPARSPECTRA XS1500 LED grow light adopts the latest high-quality LEDs technology-Samsung LM301B diodes, high energy efficiency LEDs increase yield of crops and save operation cost, generates more usable lighting per watt and provides better light canopy penetration.
  • OPTIMAL FULL SPECTRUM & FLEXIBLE DIMMIER: Consists of 3000K warm white, 5000K white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm IR light, which providing your plants with excellent full spectrum led grow lights. The red and IR light are particularly useful during bloom, which can speed up bloom time and enhance high yields to obtain the ideal harvest. An added dimmer knob is featured to manipulate the light intensity at liberty, provides desired needs for plants in all stages from veg to bloom.
  • SILENT OPERATION & SOLID CONSTRUCTION: No fans zero noise. Large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks help you to achieve the ideal cooling system. Adopts high safety performance MEAN WELL HLG series driver to achieve high PAR output, longer lifespan to speed up plant's grow processes and boost yields while saving you on your energy bill.
  • AMPLE COVERAGE & LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Comparable to traditional 250W HPS/MH while consuming only 150W with 360 PCS LEDs, which helps to get 50% higher yield harvest and save costs. Perfect for 3’x3’ vegetative coverage at 18”and 2.5’x2.5’ flowering coverage at 14”. Remember to properly adjust the height and brightness accordingly to your plants desired level for optimal growth.
  • TRULY BEST BACK FOR THE BUCK: We provide 36-Month US Local warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Professional guidance, friendly customer service and US local after-sales service provides you with a pleasant shopping experience and helps your plants grow better. Make sure you purchase authentic VIPARSPECTRA grow lights. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

What is Best Bloom Booster Next To An Led Grow Light

An LED grow light is a type of grow light that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of light for plants. LED grow lights are more energy-efficient than traditional grow lights, and they emit a narrower range of wavelengths, which can be tailored to the needs of specific plants.

LED grow lights are often used in conjunction with other types of grow lights, such as fluorescent grow lights. When used in this way, LED grow lights can provide the best possible light spectrum for plant growth.

When choosing a bloom booster, it is important to consider the type of plants you are growing and the amount of light they need. Some bloom boosters are designed to be used with specific types of grow lights, so be sure to read the product labels carefully.

In general, bloom boosters are used during the flowering or fruiting stage of plant growth, when plants need extra help to produce blooms or fruit. Bloom boosters can be used with any type of grow light, but they work best when used with an LED grow light.

How to choose Best Bloom Booster Next To An Led Grow Light

When it comes to growing plants indoors, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a grow light. LED grow lights are a popular option because they are more energy-efficient than traditional grow lights and can be customized to better suit the needs of your plants. But what about bloom boosters?

Bloom boosters are nutrients that are added to the water of plants to help them bloom and produce fruit. While there are many different bloom boosters on the market, not all of them are created equal. So, how do you choose the best bloom booster for your plants?

Here are a few things to consider:

The type of plants you are growing: Some bloom boosters are designed for specific types of plants. Make sure to choose a bloom booster that is designed for the type of plants you are growing.

The stage of growth: Bloom boosters come in different formulations for different stages of plant growth. Choose a bloom booster that is formulated for the stage of growth your plants are in.

The amount of light your plants are getting: The amount of light your plants are getting will impact how much bloom booster they need. If your plants are getting a lot of light, you will need to use less bloom booster than if they are getting less light.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to choose the best bloom booster for your plants.


The best bloom booster next to an LED grow light is the one that can provide the most light to the plants. There are many different types of bloom boosters on the market, but the one that is most effective is the one that can produce the most light. The best bloom booster next to an LED grow light is the one that can provide the most light to the plants.

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